'Stranger Things' creators defend divisive season 2 episode

  • 'The Lost Sister' was controversial with fans as it functioned as a detour from the main plot with Eleven traveling to meet her 'sister' from the lab who is now leading a gang of criminals.

  • The Duffer Brothers said they wanted to try something different and experiment with the series. They likened it to having a pilot for a different series in the middle of the show.

  • They say Eleven's season arc doesn't work without it; "Whether this works or not, we need this building block in here or the whole show is going to collapse. It’s not going to end well. The Mind Flayer is going to take over Hawkins.”

  • On Eleven's journey: "I didn’t want her to just magically save the day. Just like Luke Skywalker, she needed to go off on her own and learn something about herself.”