Selena Gomez Speaks Out About Kidney Transplant

- Selena Gomez and her best friend who donated a kidney to her, Francia Raísa, are opening up for the first time about the secret operation they underwent earlier this year
- At the beginning of the summer, Gomez became seriously ill as a complication from lupus which was attacking her kidneys causing them to shut down as well as arthritis. She was weeks aways from dialysis
- Francia shares that Selena came home emotional one day and she didn't want to ask her what was wrong. She then saw Selena struggle to open a water bottle, and then throw it across the room crying. This was due to Selena's arthritis.
- Selena then opened up and said she didn't know what to do because the list to get a kidney is 7 to 10 years long. Francia then offered to give her one of her kidneys, got tested, and ended up being a perfect match. The chance of a perfect match between two unrelated people is about one in 100,000.
- Francia was required to write a will in case the transplant would affect her own health and she wouldn't pull through the procedure
- After the procedure, complications arose and Selena was rushed back to the operating room for a 6 hour surgery after her new kidney starting turning around inside her body because an artery flipped. The normal surgery time is 2 hours
- Selena credits her best friend with saving her life-- adding "it got to the point where it was really kind of life or death".
- Gomez also shared that following the surgery, her arthritis has gone away and there's only about a 3-5% chance her lupus will come back. She also said her energy and life has never been better.
- While crying, Selena shared she hopes her story can do some good, and be proof that there are really good people in the world.