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Celebs (with some surprising ones) get #FreeRosa trending for disabled girl held for deportation

This is a follow-up to this post about Rosamaria Hernandez, the 10-years-old girl in Texas with cerebral palsy who was put in custody by Customs and Border Protection while she was in an ambulance on her way to gallbladder surgery. We now know that for the past few days, she'd been held by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, and she might be held there for weeks. The ACLU and Alyssa Milano have started a #FreeRosa campaign, to raise more awareness of the issue and to get people to call the Office of Refugee Resettlement to demand Rosamaria's release. A number of celebrities have joined in, including some surprising ones!

Tweets from living Saint Alyssa Milano, who has been on this relentlessly:
If you want to contact ORR directly rather than from the ACLU campaign, Alyssa's got you too:

This one had me shook (he's a bit deluded but he's trying!):

Also surprising:

This one is more expected:

Piper Perabo:

Bill Buchanan from 24:

Social media poet Rosie O'Donnell:

The OG Wonder Woman:

Danny Zuker, executive producer and writer on Modern Family:

Morena Baccarin:
And finally, he didn't use the #FreeRosa hashtag, but I'm sharing this just because I feel his disgust:

Sources: ACLU Campaign, Alyssa Tweet, Geraldo Tweet, Piers Tweet, Patricia Tweet, Piper Tweet, James Tweet, Rosie Tweet, Lynda Tweet, Danny Tweet, Morena Tweet, Jonny Tweet

Please, do like Alyssa's tweet says, go to this ACLU page, enter your phone number, and make the call to #FreeRosa! Please share this story far and wide! I speak from first hand knowledge that this is not an isolated incident, we have to sound the alarm in the face of persecution!

being undocumented is a civil, not criminal offense. Had Rosamaria been arrested for robbery, she'd already be out on bail as she's a sick, disabled 10-year-old girl who poses no flight risk! But since immigration is handled separately, this is where we are.
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