Niall Horan and Nick Jonas Aren't Too Keen on Halloween

Nick Jonas on Halloween: “It’s a bunch of adults dressing up, which is kind of a funny thing when you really think about it. I now spend a lot of my time wearing costumes for movies and TV shows and stuff. So I think it’s a defiant statement to not on that night in particular.”

Nail Horan on Halloween: “It’s more of a kids thing. I’ve gotten more into it recently. Actually, it was the end of our tour on Halloween one year, and we were in Tokyo. Halloween in Tokyo is a different story altogether. The Japanese like to dress up anyway, on a daily basis. So it’s like the set of a movie, like a horror movie when you’re walking around Tokyo. So after that I was like yeah, I like that."


On The Loose...

ONTD, do you agree? Do you dress up/do anything for Halloween?