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Robert Rodriguez says he cast Rose McGowan in Grindhouse as an F.U. to Weinstein

  • Rodriguez says he first met Rose at the Cannes premiere of Sin City where she said she would have loved to audition for the film but she was blacklisted by Weinstein

  • She revealed that she had been assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and felt unable to come forward because an attorney had told her because she had done nude scenes the case would be hard to prosecute

  • Rodriguez told her he made his films with Bob Weinstein not Harvey and he would welcome casting her in his future projects

  • At the same party he saw Harvey Weinstein and "introduced" him to Rose and from his flustered reaction believed what Rose said was true

  • Created Rose's role in Grindhouse specifically for her and hoped that the project would reboot Rose's career and that it would be an f.u. to Harvey to have to pay for it

  • Was surprised that Harvey buried the film anyway

  • Says that for years he struggled with his decision to "stick up" for Rose since it cost him his marriage/family (OP note: uhhh, the decision to cheat is on you dude)

  • Thinks that he/others should have done more and wants to see NDAs in the cases of sexual assault/violence abolished

  • Further OP note: Rose McGowan has yet to comment on Robert Rodriguez's op-ed but it's interesting that the rumours about Rose being raped by Weinstein arose in 2016 when Rose tweeted: Because my ex sold our movie to my rapist for distribution #WhyWomenDontReport which made it sound as though she was absolutely not on board with Weinstein being involved in the production/distribution of Grindhouse

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