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Celebs react to disabled 10-year-old girl detained for deportation while on her way to surgery

Background: Rosamaria Hernandez is a 10-year-old girl in Texas with cerebral palsy. She also has kidney stones. On her way to gallbladder surgery, a border patrol checkpoint (note: border patrol has jurisdiction 100 miles of the border) stopped her ambulance. The agents found out that she was brought here without papers when she was 3 months old. She was immediately put under custody. She was escorted to the hospital, and armed guards were posted outside the operating room. As soon as she recovered from surgery, Border Patrol put her in a detention center where she's being held for deportation, and refuse to release her to her parents.

Actual angel Alyssa Milano:

Josh Gad aka LeFou from Beauty and the Beast:

Elizabeth Tulloch, who played Eve on Grimm, went on a beautiful rant on Twitter where she dropped a ton of appropriate Bible verses on this issue, starting with this tweet (open the tweet for the whole chain):

Griffin Newman, better known as the actor who publicly apologized for working with Woody Allen:

Robin Strasser, who played Dorian Lord on One Life to Live:

I apologize in advance, but even Perez Hilton reacted:

Otep Shamaya, lead singer of Otep:

Antonio Sanchez, who did the score for Birdman:

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How you can help:

Spread the story!

Call the numbers in Alyssa's 2nd tweet!

Also, call your 3 members of congress at (202) 224-3121, tell them Rosamaria's story, and tell them to defund and regulate Border Patrol and ICE. Tell them to pass HR 1815, "Protecting Sensitive Locations Act", which would ban immigration enforcement actions at locations like hospitals and schools.

Donate to Rosamaria's Gofundme.
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