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Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams among those sexually harassed by James Toback

  • ICYMI James Toback is an Oscar nominated writer/director who has been accussed of sexually harassing women for decades

  • Over 200 300 women have now come forward to talk to the L.A. Times about how they were harassed or assaulted by Toback

  • Blair was one of the 38 women who originally spoke to the L.A. Times on the condition of anonimity and said he threatened her life in 1999

  • Rachel McAdams first met him at 21

  • Blair was auditioned by Toback for The Harvard Man and he opened up the conversation by saying he could have her father killed and he did it to people all the time

  • He asked her to take off her clothes while she auditioned so he could see the way her body moved

  • After the audition he pressured her to have sex with him and when she refused he told her to touch him in certain ways to "help" him orgasm which Blair did as a way to try to avoid being raped

  • He then told her that he could find and kill anyone who spoke out against him

  • Blair told her boyfriend but begged him not to say anything

  • She also asked her agent to never send girls to audition with him again but was not explicit as to why as she was afraid for her own safety

  • Rachel McAdams also had a normal audition with him also for The Harvard Man

  • He then had a "callback" where she met him at his hotel

  • He told her he had masturbated to the thought of her and started asking her sexual questions

  • Eventually he went to the bathroom and when he came out he had told her he had masturbated thinking of her

  • The following morning she told her agent what had happened and the agent revealed that was not the first time he had sexually harassed one of her clients


This is awful. I feel so sorry for both of them.
Tags: actor / actress, rachel mcadams, sexism, violence / domestic abuse

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