blaahhblaahh (blaahhblaahh) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Comedian Mallika Dua speaks out about sexist comment made by actor Akshay Kumar

- Mallika Dua was part of Akshay Kumar's show on the first day he made a lewd comment
"Mallika ji aap bell bajaaiye, main aapko bajaata hoon” loosely translated it means Mallika you ring/bang the bell, I'll bang you.
- The scene was cut because the comedian was mimicking Prime Minister Modi
- She was "tongue tied in the mammoth, presence of a Bollywood megastar" to say anything at that moment.
- She + her colleagues were removed from the show
- The video leaked, her father a famous journalist Vinod Dua spoke out on her behalf.
- She has been trolled from his fans, + accused of leaking the video because she was let go.

Tags: bollywood, comedy / comedian, scandal

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