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Lisa Bloom tried to kill Ronan Farrow's Weinstein story with file on Rose McGowan's "sexual history"

Lisa Bloom called Ronan up about ten months ago under the guise of hearing he was working on a story about celebrity NDAs and claiming she could help with her experience. She didn't disclose her relationship with Weinstein and he didn't know she was trying to milk him for info. He considered her an ally and told her he was looking into Weinstein as he swore her to secrecy.

As soon as he told her, executives at NBC and Ronan's agency began to receive calls and letters as Weinstein tried to use his leverage and friendships with power players in those companies to kill the story.

Weinstein attorney Charles Harder threatened to sue Ronan personally and claimed his family's history with sexual assault allegations made him unfairly biased against Weinstein. Lisa called Ronan and said: “I don’t know if you’ve talked to Rose McGowan, but we have files on her and her sexual history,”

Along with Kathy Griffin, other high profile clients like former Fox News commentator Tamara Holden who was have said that Lisa Bloom's lawyering has left much to be desired. She took issue with Lisa asking her to fly to LA for a press conference as Holder lived in NY which was also where the assault occurred.

Holder claims Lisa Bloom was so focused on getting her payout, she tried to pressure her into signing an agreement requiring non-disclosure of the assault despite Holder making it clear from the start that public disclosure of the Fox News climate was more important to her than money.

Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene considered hiring Lisa Bloom after her experiences with Bill O'Reilly and Lisa wanted her to sign an agreement giving Lisa total control of her media appearances and a 1/3 cut of any money she made from telling her story. After Jehmu complained, Lisa agreed to take the money clause out of the agreement but she realized the contract wasn't for legal services, but media representation.

“Her whole presentation was from a legal-representation standpoint, and then she sent me over a draft agreement that basically says ‘I’m not representing you legally, I’m your media representative.’… It was like I was dealing with a predator—and she is doing this in the environment of sexual assault and harassment to women who are vulnerable? Wow.”

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