Kate Winslet to win totally non-pr paid for award and her new comments on Harvey Weinstein

"It makes me want to cry. I wholeheartedly support these victims, these women. It is disgraceful, it’s disgusting. it is absolutely appalling and any woman in any workplace anywhere in the world should never ever have to endure this level of degrading, vile treatment. My hope is that when all of this horrificness is over that this will in some way send a message to other women in any workplace that they know that if this happens to them they must speak up. We will believe them. We will help them and we will stop it. It’s a time when women have to more than ever come together and absolutely unite and say ‘No. We are equal to men and we will not be treated in this way. We have to change this now."

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so, has Woody been "well-behaved" enough to get a thank you at the Hollywood Awards?