McDonald's is Bringing Back The Dollar Menu

McDonald’s Dollar Menu offered a range of items including 4 Chicken McNuggets, a McDouble Cheeseburger, or a Large Sweet Tea - all for $1 and was popular with customers. Franchise operators however complained that it stretched margins too thin.

• In March 2012, McDonald’s began to pull small drinks and small fries from the Dollar Menu and by 2014 discontinued the menu entirely.

• The company tested other value options but struggled to find a replacement and resulted in losing market share and because of this McDonald’s saw a 10% drop in guest counts.

• Tuesday however McDonald's confirmed that it will introduce a new Dollar Menu nationally for early 2018.

• Unlike its predecessor Dollar Menu, the new menu will have items priced at $1, $2 and $3.

• Nearly 100% of the company’s franchises have already signed-up to carry the new menu.

• No word yet on what items will be priced at the $1, $2, and $3 option or if Szechuan sauce will make a more permanent return.

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