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ONTD Original: Actors on Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre (Part 3)

Let's continue with part 3!
Trigger warning for some racism.

Mick Jagger (The Nightingale)

Personally don't care for this episode. The story is Just no. Mick Jagger in Chinese yellowface eating dumplings manages to be even worse than I thought. Featuring Barbara Hershey as the beautiful servant girl, and look for Anjelica Houston as one of the small fairy creatures. Also Shelley herself provides the voice of the titular nightingale....which honestly sounds like she's on helium. Mick, Mick, Mick...what were you thinking?

Melissa Gilbert (The Snow Queen)

Long before Frozen....(Frozen doesn't exist. It never did. Ever. No matter how much I care about Jonathan Groff's....derriere.) we had this lovely adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. Lee Remick is the title character, as Melissa Gilbert and Lance Kerwin, as Greta and Kay, are sucked into a winter wonderland full of magic...and Lauren Hutton. The opening is quite pretty, featuring Shelley Duvall on a snowflake for some reason, if memory serves. Seriously this is the better version of Frozen. Watch it now.

Vanessa Redgrave and Vincent Price (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

My personal favorite performance comes from Vanessa Redgrave as the evil queen in this adaptation of Snow White. When she isn't trying to murder Snow White (Elizabeth McGovern), she's gawking at herself in the mirror (played by Vincent Price). She is deliciously evil and hammy. She's also quite speedy for an old hag. (Seriously, watch when she first trapezes past the dwarfs). Price narrates the tale, and is just as good as Redgrave. As a bonus, Shelley Duvall plays Snow White's mother at the very beginning of the episode.

Beverly DeAngelo (Sleeping Beauty)

The only other Maleficent that I can accept, this adaptation sees Christopher Reeve as the Prince, who rescues the Sleeping Beauty (Bernadette Peters) from her slumber. The good fairy that places her under a spell is Carol Kane, while Beverly DeAngelo hams it up as Henbane, the evil fairy. She also turns into some sort of...kabuki samurai ninja lizard dragon thing (?) that Reeve fights at the end. Oh, also Henbane gets pissed because she didn't get a dishdome.

Sources: Part 1, Part 2, 3
Tags: british celebrities, ontd original, race / racism, television - showtime

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