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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming to mobile next month

  • Instead of a town, you're in a camp & can deck out your trailer / camp.
  • You still have a mortgage to pay off. Instead of Tom Nook, you'll owe bells to 3 penguins.
  • You can finally change your skin color.
  • You need to do favors for animals in the hopes they'll visit your camp. Animals also have different aesthetic tastes.
  • Travel to an island, a river, a forest or a beach to fish, catch bugs, pick fruits etc.
  • Furniture can be crafted by combining collectibles.
  • You can add friend codes - then visit & buy things from their camp's Market Box. Also, friends reduce $ cost for some activities.
  • Seasonal events, like Christmas.

  • Free, but monetized with Leaf Tickets. Want faster-building furniture, fashion, travel, a swimming pool, a fishing net or materials? Pay up.
  • Daily Goals can get you some Leaf Tickets without paying.
  • Tom Nook will shake you down for microtransactions. Cyrus the Alpaca builds your furniture / amenities. The Able Sisters have clothes. Shoes from Kicks. OK Motors for campers.

Edit: It's already out a month early (soft launch) on Google Play Australia (.APK works in any country) & iTunes Australia (Needs Australian account).

Sources: S1S2
Tags: apple / iphone, computer / video games, google / android
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