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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

An Interview with The Killers

• BFlow talks about "The Man" and how it's about him being 22 and arrogant when he first started out with The Killers.

• Brandon said things in the past that came from a place of insecurity and not from the person that he is.

• Struggled with coming up with any sort of content for "Wonderful Wonderful."

• Brandon sometimes has a hard time articulating what he wants to say and he can say it better through writing songs.

• Ronnie struggled with personal issues like divorce and losing his father. Got married again this year.

• Talk about the good and the bad changes in the band with flops Mark and Dave choosing not to tour/promote or do literally anything for this album. But Mark had time to release his first single off his recently announced third solo album. Oh.

• Bronnie bonded over Depeche Mode. Ronnie got a perm because of them back in the day.

• "Read My Mind" is Brandon's favorite song is proud of it. But what about "Lonely Town" BFlow?


Come 'round. ONTD, what is your favorite song by The Killers?

Tags: brandon flowers / the killers, interview, music / musician (alternative and indie)

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