Anna Nicole's last footage with Dannielynn

We have Anna Nicole's last tender moments with Dannielynn -- and the latest on the controversy surrounding her.

Monday night, ET has the exclusive final footage of ANNA NICOLE SMITH with her baby DANNIELYNN HOPE caught on tape!

In the home movies, filmed exclusively by ET's cameras just days before Anna Nicole's untimely death, the 39-year-old mother lovingly dresses her daughter in a pink outfit.

"She's got my personality," says Anna Nicole, unaware of what fate will bring just days later. "She's so tall. She's got really long fingers like mine and she's real dainty. ... She rolls over; she's very strong. She holds her head up. She can say a couple words -- she says, 'Ma-ma.' She's tryin' to grow up faster than she is, and she gets aggravated 'cause she can't."

Sadly, now that Anna Nicole is gone, a major baby battle is brewing. Little Dannielynn's innocent existence has become a lightning rod of controversy, with several parties attempting to lay claim to her -- and the potential windfall she could stand to inherit. Paternity and the child custody decision could determine what happens to that inheritance.

There is a video clip of Anna and Dannielynn at the source