Kate Winslet Refuses to Talk Woody Allen Controversy

Variety: There’s been a discussion about actors in Woody Allen’s movies as a result of the allegations against him. Did that factor in your decision to star in his new film?

Um. [Winslet narrates her own silence.] “She pauses.” It’s just a difficult discussion. I’d rather respectfully not enter it today.

She also discusses why she turned down working with Woody when he offered her the role in Match Point:

"It was Woody Allen, so that’s going to come around once — if ever. So of course I said yes. And very quickly, I realized I can’t do this. My son Joe was only 9 weeks old. I would have had to stop nursing. It would have been too much of a compromise to the rhythm of my life and my new baby. I just couldn’t do it. I said, “I’m really sorry, that wasn’t the right decision to have made.” I knew that there was a strong possibility that might be my one go-around."