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The View interviews Gabourey Sidibe

Today on The View the panel interview actress Gabourey Sidibe. The ladies discuss old white men being trash (hahaha) as well as the new short film Gabourey directed titled 'The Tale of Four' (which can be viewed in full on Refinery29's website). The panel discusses how Twitter is great (live tweeting w/ fans of Empire and news) but why it's dumb (trolls), building self confidence and people commenting on other peoples bodies which is where she came up with the slogan MYOB - mind your own body.

Other topics are:
-Joy's new book which Meghan was not feeling judging by the sour look on her face during the segment
-Bill O'Reilly being mad at god for not protecting him from repercussions of sexually harassing and assaulting women
-Meghan brings up being told she needs to freeze her eggs and other advice women given other women when it comes to having kids
-CNN actually needing to make a commercial about facts and truth

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Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, gabourey sidibe, politics, television - abc, the view (abc)

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