Condé Nast finally bans Terry Richardson after newspaper blasts fashion's support of him

Email leak reveals that after a newspaper asked this weekend why Terry Richardson was still lauded+employed by fashion mags in the Weinstein scandal, James Woolhouse, Condé Nast International’s executive vice president + chief operating officer today sent out an email out saying that the company will no longer work with him. The email said that any work already commissioned from Mr Richardson but not yet published should be “killed or substituted with other material”. Condé Nast International publishes international editions of Vogue, GQ, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Wired +other leader mags.
Allegations of Terry Richardson's inappropriate behavior first surfaced outside the fashion world in 2004, after an Observer profile of him described among shots of anonymous models sucking off Richardson, his intern Alex going down on him from inside a trash can while wearing a diamond “Slut” tiara. His coffee table book Terryworld, also published in 2004, contained nude pictures of underage models. Since then dozens of models, anonymous and not, have accused him of sexual assault and harassment, many of them underage. In 2014 US Vogue said they would no longer work with him after model Emma Appleton tweeted proof of him offering a US Vogue shoot in exchange for sex.

In the US models are considered independent contractors rather than employees, and thus cannot sue for sexual harassment under federal law.

A timeline of rape and sexual harassment accusations against Terry Richardson.