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New woman comes forward with claims that R. Kelly abused her sexually and physically

  • Radio DJ Kitti Jones has come forward to detail the abuse she experienced while she was Kelly's girlfriend

  • Has been a super fan of his since the early 90s

  • First met him in 2011 at a work event where he gave her his number and immediately insisted she call him "daddy"

  • At their first sexual encounter R. Kelly spent the whole time directing Jones exactly how to behave and react

  • The relationship turned abusive several months in after he hit Jones for asking questions after she saw the infamous sex tape of him urinating on an under age child

  • She eventually quit her job to follow him on tour

  • As soon as she quit her job he began telling her who she could see, what she could wear

  • He eventually moved her into a studio with several young women he had "raised" and would not let her interact with them unless it was to have sex with them at his request

  • He made numerous pornographic videos of her with other women and showed her a video of him peeing on two women in the middle of sex

  • If Jones tried to say "no" to anything he would punish her by stealing her phone, beating her, or refusing to give her food

  • She stayed with him until 2013 but was finally able to escape by telling Kelly she was going to visit her son and then breaking up with him over the phone

  • For some time afterwards she continued to feel bad for Kelly and have sympathy for him due to his abusive childhood

  • Believes he is somewhat scared of her since she never signed an NDA and has texts that prove she was being starved/held against her will


Tags: black celebrities, music / musician, sexism, violence / domestic abuse

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