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Matt Damon & George Clooney talk Weinstein Scandal on GMA

Damon on Harvey Weinstein

- Harvey bought Good Will Hunting and signed Matt to a 3 picture deal.
- Knew Harvey was a bully. "That was his legend".
- People who worked with Harvey wanted to make good movies. Miramax was the place for movies in the 90s.
- Disputes that 'everybody knew'. Only knew Weinstein was an asshole and a womanizer. Says he wouldn't want to be married to the guy.
- Had no idea about the level of criminal sexual acts.
- Knew the story about Gwyneth from Ben Affleck. Affleck dated Gwyneth after Brad.
- Says he worked with Gwyneth AND Harvey on "The Talented Mr. Ripley".
"I knew they had come to whatever agreement - or understatement - about it. She had handled it. She was, you know, the first lady of Miramax! And he treated her incredibly respectfully. Always".

- Says Harvey didn't do it in the open
- Apologizes if he had missed things

Clooney on Weinstein

"It's beyond infuriating." - George Clooney on Harvey Weinstein: https://t.co/fBSMwurc1A pic.twitter.com/1TKRNBGD2s

— Good Morning America (@GMA) October 23, 2017

- Harvey talked to Clooney about women he had affairs with.
- Clooney didn't believe him. Because that meant believing the worst of some actresses he was friends with.
- He doubted these women would have affairs with Harvey. And he now knows they clearly didn't.
- Calls Harvey a predator
- Calls for comeuppance, so it will scare away that sort of behavior


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