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Six Things We Know From Watching Harry Styles At The BBC

1. The Reason Behind Harry's Boot Choice Is More Than Just Style
There was an incident during the early 1D days where they got mobbed by a crowd and fans pretty much stole his trainers directly from his feet and that's why he doesn't wear them anymore. Boots are not only more aesthetically pleasing, they're also harder to take off his feet.

2. Harry Proves He'd Be Great With Your Grandma
They go and play Bingo at a care home, where Harry charms the old ladies, and also try their hands at axe throwing.

3. You Definitely Won't Expect The Throwback Facts He Shares
The first song he ever remembers learning the words to is by Shania Twain and the first time he realised he wanted to be on stage was while watching the little boy in Sister Act 2 sing his "Oh Happy Days" solo.

There are 3 more (about Dunkirk, his career focus and music choices) at the SOURCE.
Harry Styles At The BBC is set to air on the eve of the 1st of November. Will you be watching, ONTD?
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