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ONTD Original: Actors on Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre (Part 2)

Continuing with part 2, here are a few more celebrities you might recognize on Faerie Tale Theatre!

Joan Collins (Hansel & Gretel)

Duvall continues her trend of casting actors in dual roles, this time with the feisty Joan Collins portraying both the evil stepmother and the wicked witch in Hansel and Gretel. The story follows Hansel (a pre-messy Ricky Schroder) and Gretel (the late Brigitte Anderson), as they get lost in the woods after being mistreated by their parents (Paul Dooley and Ms Collins). Collins' witch is both fucking terrifying and fucking comical to look at, with her rather exaggerated appearance. She was rocking the prostetic nose long before Nicole Kidman did.


Helen Mirren and Karen Black (The Little Mermaid)

No, sadly Mirren does not play the title character, that honor belongs to Pam Dawber, better known as Mindy of Mork & Mindy fame. Mirren instead plays the sidepiece, the betrothed to Dr Andy Brown-I mean...Treat Williams' prince. Dawber's mer-sisters include post-SNL Laraine Newman. This episode is known best for its attempt at making everything look like it is underwater, through the usage of obvious fans. The late Karen Black gives a delicious performance as the cynical, sarcastic Sea Witch, whose one-scene-wonder appearance is definitely memorable. And yes, this tale keeps the tragic original ending from the story. Several years later, a certain redheaded mermaid would steal her thunder.......


Jeff Goldblum (The Three Little Pigs)

Jeff Goldblum made an early appearance as the Big Bad Wolf in the Three Little Pigs adaptation, which also featured Billy Crystal as one of the pigs. Goldblum practically devours (ha pun) every scene he's in, and the makeup department deserves an award simply for making him look extremely menacing and convincing. "So uh, I'm uh, gonna like uh, blow your down." The pigs.....not so much.


Alfre Woodard (Puss in Boots)

The divine Miss Woodard appears as the love interest to Ben Vereen's character (what did you think i was going to say, his Puss? Ha ha get your mind out of the gutter, creep) in this all-black adaptation of the popular Puss in Boots tale. Brock Peters (Tom Robinson from To Kill a Mockingbird) appears as an ogre. She delivers a perfect appearance, and is clearly having a lot of fun with the role. So much so, that she and Peters appeared in the "Lost Episode" clip show at the party Duvall hosted with many of the cast and crew, talking about how much fun they had with their roles. Woodard in particular, mentions how she always wanted to play a "fairy princess" type role, and with this, she finally got to do that.


Part 1

Next time part 2: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Snow Queen, Snow White, and more!

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