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Famke Janssen on X-Men: "They gave up on me"

  • Pedophile Bryan Singer decided to reboot the X-Men by recasting them with younger basic and inferior versions of the X-Men. Famke got replaced by a person who can't act and only got the role because of her being on a certain television show...

  • “It was their [producers’] decision, you know?” she explains. “It’s like what happens in life. You get, well not to me thankfully. But people, just like when men trade women in for a younger model version. It’s like that.”

  • “In the ‘X-Men’ series, they’ve been doing this for years,” said Janssen in the 2016 interview. “Although women, it’s interesting because they’re replaced, and the older versions — or more mature, whatever the politically correct version of that is — are never to be seen again. Whereas the men are allowed to be both ages. Sexism. I think that I should be back along with my younger version and the way that we’ve seen it with Magneto and Professor X.”


CLAP BACK JEAN ! She didn't lie. Let's examine: If you aren't Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X, or a horribly recast Mystique, you don't get to do shit. (Or if you're Psylocke, you get three lines total) Also you get recast terribly (Mystique & Jean). Anna Paquin and Halle Berry got blamed for "terrible" performances, but really now...Anna said she wanted to fly, and Halle had to literally fight to get screentime in X3, and got blasted for being difficult.
Tags: marvel, sexism, x-men

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