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Former Amazon exec Roy Price passed on Big little lies Because it lacked female nudity

Amazon Exec Roy Price resigns after sexual harrasement allegations and revealed that He is worst of the worst .
Former Amazon Exec asked a group of staffers at Amazon studio Holiday party ,If Nichole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon "show their tits " for Big little lies .
And then He passed on the series , Because it didn't gurantee their nudity .

He reportedly passed on The Handmaids Tale too . Price was responsible for the decision to cancel
Good Girls Revolt

He was developing a series called "Shanghai Snow" Roy price's friend Director McG attached to direct .This show is about a young girl named cindy who is sold in to sex slavery Under the control of a “psychotic imperial Thai dwarf” named Mr. Goodtimes, Cindy is drugged, beaten with a machete and told she will be “fucked like a dead fish.” (W?T?F?)

Rose Mcgowan says He killed her show .

And called out THR reporter

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Tags: award show - emmys, flop, scandal, television - hbo

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