P!nk plays Plead the Fifth on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen; addresses former Xtina feud

  • Andy asks 3 questions for Plead the Fifth. P!nk is allowed to Plead the Fifth to one of them, but answers all of them.

  • Andy asks how P!nk's song "Revenge" relates to her own relationships because the song describes lovers who cheat on each other. P!nk says she once stabbed Carey's tires, but there was no cheating and past relationships have been dysfunctional, but her marriage is.

  • Andy asks P!nk about when she called Kanye an asshole in 2009 for interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs and what she thinks about him now. She says that she thinks Kanye is a creative genius, but some of us can't get out of our own way.

  • P!nk says that she and Christina Aguilera didn't get along because they were both alphas and women aren't taught to support each other. And when they were younger P!nk was very physical and Xtina was very verbal. But they met for the first time in years on The Voice and made up and talked about being moms. Andy asked P!nk if she ever got physical with Xtina. P!nk says she didn't, but Xtina once tried punching her at a club. She laughs about it now though.

Source: YouTube

Lmao Xtina used to be wild. Trying to punch P!nk in a club and trying to make out with Britney in a club.