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ONTD Original: Actors on Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre (Part 1)

In the mid 1980's actress Shelley Duvall was spending time on the set of Popeye, when she mused what it would be like to have Robin Williams portray the Frog Prince in the fairy tale of the same name...

She pitched an idea: recreate adaptations of the classic fairy tales we all know and love. With a sprinkle of fairy dust, and with help from her celebrity friends, Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre was born. Airing on the then-fledgling Showtime Network from 1982-1987, the show used celebrites to play classic characters in various episodes. Duvall herself, as producer and writer, appeared in several of the episodes herself.

Here are several familiar faces that appeared throughout the show's run:

Carrie Fisher (Thumbelina)

The late Carrie Fisher headlined the Thumbelina episode. As the title heroine, she takes viewers on a journey through rivers, tunnels, and flowers, on her quest to explore the world around her. Along the way she runs into a mole (Burgess Meredith) and finds romance in the arms of a handsome fairy prince (William Katt, who ironically romanced another Carrie, albeit fatally in 1976's Carrie). Fisher is in her element here, and manages to keep you entertained through the power of green screen!


Jeff Bridges (Rapunzel)

Jeff Bridges appeared in the Rapunzel episode, as two different characters alongside Shelley Duvall. The episode features the life of Rapunzel's parents (played by Bridges and Duvall respectively) as Duvall develops a craving for radishes, forcing her husband over the garden wall of the neighborhood witch to find some. The witch (Gena Rowlands) eventually bargains her way into their lives by taking their newborn baby daughter, who she locks in a high tower and...well you know the rest. Rapunzel is played by Duvall again, and her prince is played by...who else? Jeff Bridges. This episode is noteworthy for its high level of nightmare fuel as well as the greatest Emmy-worthy special effects you've ever seen. Observe:

Also here's a quip from Gena Rowlands that fits very well in today's society.

"You can't trust men!"

And here is some nightmare fuel:


Susan Sarandon (Beauty and the Beast)

Long before Emma Watson ruined portrayed the heroine of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, Susan Sarandon stalled her political revolution to portray Beauty in this affectionate tribute to Cocteau's classic 'La Belle et la Bete.' Sarandon's Beauty is timid, yet graceful. She falls in love with the Beast (the rapist Klaus Kinski) after leaving her family (one of her sisters is Morticia herself, Anjelica Huston!) and enters a world of fantasy, where objects come to life and candelabras glow. Fun fact: Newspapers reported that Jessica Lange originally took on the role, before dropping out for unexplained reasons. She, of course, would later star alongside Sarandon in 2017's Feud: Bette & Joan. Newspapers also claimed that Cher was to play evil fairy Henbane in the Sleeping Beauty episode, where she was instead portrayed by Beverly D'Angelo.


Robin Williams (The Frog Prince)

The one that started it all, the very first episode of Faerie Tale Theatre featured Robin Williams as The Frog Prince. In this tale, directed and narrated by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame (who would later go on to take the role of the Pied Piper of Hamelin episode after David Bowie was unavailable), the tale focuses on a spoiled and selfish princess (Teri Garr), who, after losing her golden ball in an enchanted well, comes across the eponymous Frog Prince (Williams). He retrieves her ball, but only if he gives her whatever he wants....which as you can guess, is a kiss. Fun fact: Teri Garr would later reprise her role in the "Lost Episode" clip show episode.

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