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Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young

Ira Madison of The Daily Beast writes this article about Hollywood's other secret

-Addresses Corey Feldman's remarks about Hollywood and child abuse in light of Harvey Weinstein
-How Corey can't name the creeps/abusers b/c of state of limitations in California
-NDA's and the stigma attached with going forward leads many in fear to not come out
-Hollywood is an easy place for them to be in close proximity with young children
-An Open Secret documentary exposed a lot of pos in Hollywood and one of the victims in the film was abused allegedly by Bryan Singer, but his case dismissed but still the stories don't lie

Evan Rachel Wood is also not believing it either

-Basically with Noah Galvin (actor) speaking out about Bryan Singer's alleged behavior and with Harvey's downfall, the dominoes are falling to see who's next. Although what he said in the interview was problematic, it did speak of how Bryan's behavior isn't an open secret to those in Hollywood. Also Victor Salva needs to go and many more will in the wake of Weinstein.
-Also this is my first post, so it still might be a bit wonky so please forgive me.

Source #1- https://twitter.com/ecareyo/status/920312871770251264
Source #2- https://twitter.com/evanrachelwood/status/919631726707482624
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