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Julian Casablancas has no time for your rock nostalgia

- Says the energy of the people from South America is incredible (op: we been knew).
- A fan of The Strokes shouldn't go to a The Voidz show if they want to listen to mainstream indie rock:
"I'm a terrible businessman, but one part of my mind says, 'Everyone should come.' I don't understand some of those people from the old school who grew up loving The Strokes and are now criticizing this new exploration. I wrote all the songs that you love and now you don't want me to change? I don't know. I respect the opinion, but I also don't give a fuck."
- When asked if the fact that more synthesizers than guitars are sold today is something that bothers him:
I don't think, 'Oh, rock is dead.' There's some hip-hop music that's inspiring. There's a lot of old music to be rediscovered, like jazz from the 40s, underground stuff, legendary popular music that we don't listen to for some reason. The new artists of tomorrow will discover all that, so I don't limit myself to genres. I just believe that as long as music moves forward, who cares if rock is no longer what it was?
- If the music industry should be more combative (as a form of political resistance):
"Well, yeah. For me, the music industry is basically a disaster, but I think there's a parallel between quality music and political truth. The most political music is probably rap, but even the mainstream rap isn't very political, you know?
On the one hand, I think that music is a dangerous thing because it gives you a kind of escape, and politics is rubbing the problem in your face. Sometimes it's a downer; it doesn't matter if it's Bob Marley who's on the stage telling you, 'I'm going to tell you who to vote for' —that's just not sexy. Sometimes, people just want to lose themselves in music. Politics in general, as we know, is really boring. It's not so much about government policies, but about philosophy, about bigger picture issues, about what kind of world, system, and society we want.

- No news about The Strokes. [Julian Casablancas voice] I don't know her.
- He's obsessed with coffee at the moment, even though he hates it.


interesting read. what's your favorite Strokes/Voidz song, ontd? are you obsessed with coffee?
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