Supermarket Sweep will make its triumphant return

Iconic 90's TV show Supermarket Sweep is set to makes its return!

The game show became really popular in the 90's when it played on Lifetime TV for people with taste.
The entire show was based in a large Grocery Store and the contestants would shop to win cash and prizes. The best part (imo) was watching the contestants running around trying to find the most expensive items and there was always some dummy who would not hit up the meat section and grab that Turkey. Judging the shoppers choices was the best part of the show.

Freemantle Media did not release a release date or a channel on which the show will appear.

If you never got to experience this amazing spectacle, I have included a video to remind you of the glory of this program.

And just for fun...

What show would you love to see remade?

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