Riverdale Roundup: Skeet Ulrich on Access Hollywood, Weird Yearbook Promos, and More

He was on Access Hollywood and talked about his character and weighed in on romantic ships.


The CW just won't stop with the weird promos for this show. They've been releasing character promos of the regular six doing yearbook poses. Watch what happens when the flash goes off.

[The Other Five]


Episode 11: The Wrestler


Hart Denton on the set with Maedchen Amick. He's playing the son she gave up for adoption

madchenamickLook who I found roaming the halls of #Riverdale High... one of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met! 😍 Plz help me welcome our latest addition to the #Cooper family @hartdenton -aka- #ChicCooper ...buckle-up sweet boy, it’s gonna be a wild ride!!!

The showrunner is being cheeky and joking about this being an easter egg for a spinoff of Riverdale Prep, but others speculate that after Southside High burns down and those students are transferred into Riverdale High that the school might implement a uniform policy.

gunman theories? what the hell is jingle jangle anyways?