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What books are celebrities reading lately?

The Rules of Magic

reesewitherspoon: Exciting news! The next @RWBookClub pick is #TheRulesOfMagic by @AHoffmanWriter. It’s a story about magic, curses, and the power of love. I just know you’ll love this book and the Owens family as much as I do. Happy reading, #RWBookClub!

I'm Fine

normancook: Netty and I taking a bite out of my girl @whitneycummings new book. Oh and we are totally fine. Just fine. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🦄 👍🏼

Nov 22, 1963

emmaroberts: #currentlyreading @belletrist #belletristbabe #nov221963 #adambraver 😎🤓

The Faraway Nearby

wellhayley: #rebeccasolnit can't get enough of you 💫

The Devil's Triangle

melissabenoist: I have a very talented and hilarious sister. She has a book out today. 📚 Readers--get reading 📚

The Mother of all Questions

jennyslate: If you are a man, it is not enough to be outraged in solidarity. Rape and harassment and general inequality cannot fall under the heading of "women's issues". These are YOUR issues. You are benefiting from your silence, but will benefit even more if you actively speak out against sexism and harassment, and actively support the women who are brave enough to speak up in a society that is trying to keep them silent and afraid forever. A new type of beautiful and safer and satisfying community can be built based on the truth of our common and equal humanity. (This is a statement by Teju Cole, which is also in Rebecca Solnit's THE MOTHER OF ALL QUESTIONS)

Mrs. Fletcher

kimberlywilliamspaisley: On set, finding time for #readabook day! #TomPerrotta #MrsFletcher #bts 📚

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