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Netflix releases teaser trailer for its new miniseries 'Godless'

Netflix has posted a new teaser trailer to promote the premiere of its miniseries, 'Godless', available on the streaming platform November 22.

The series follows Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels), an outlaw on a hunt for fellow criminal-at-large Roy Goode (Jack O'Connell), and who stumbles across a mysterious town in New Mexico called "La Belle", which is run and populated mostly by women. Little has been published about the show aside from some plot details and some promotional stills released over the summer.

The show is the creation of Scott Frank (writer of 'Logan' and 'Wolverine') and is being backed by Steven Soderbergh and Casey Silver. If the recent critical success of 'Logan' is any indicator, and after absorbing the trailer's ominous narration and portentous visuals, it appears that audiences are in for a dark and mysterious ride through a beautiful but harsh landscape.


What are some fall streaming premieres that you're excited for, ONTD?
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