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The Gronkowskis Pitch on ABC's "Shark Tank," Play Flip Cup With Arod

• On tonight's "Shark Tank," retired baseball player and Jennifer Lopez's current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez (ARod), made a special appearance as a celebrity guest shark.

• New Englands Patriots star Rob Gronkowski helped his brother Chris pitch his insulated 'Ice Shaker' sports bottle in the tank.

• They play flip cup with the Sharks because why not bro?

• When Chris couldn’t find what he was looking for, he started "Ice Shaker." It's a well insulated, grade stainless steel cup with a vacuum-insulated double wall. It can hold ice for 30 hours in 75 degrees without any condensation forming on the exterior of the bottle.

[Did the Sharks Invest? Spoiler...]Of course. Mark Cuban and Arod both invest in "Ice Shaker."
Because that family doesn't have a single dollar to invest in it already.

• No word yet if superboy has invested or has a stake in the company.

let's go brocery shopping.

ONTD, do you invest your money?

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