Anna Faris talks about how she left first husband for Chris Pratt

  • In an except from actress Anna Faris's book Unqualified, she discusses leaving her first husband, Ben Indra for Chris Pratt after they met on the set of Topher Grace's vanity flop Take Me Home Tonight. Confiding in a close friend of hers, he told her "If I was going to leave my husband, I had to be a surgeon with a scalpel about it. Do it immediately and effectively, he said."

  • Admits she "felt like a villain", saying "I had to repeat myself a number of times before he took me at my word. 'You're just tired; you're really tired,' he responded at first. I just said: 'Nope, I'm leaving you.' "

  • After dying her hair blonde, she also contemplated getting breast implants when she was dating fellow animal abuser Pratt.

  • She "desperately wanted to f**k Pratt" when she first met him, but didn't actually want to go through with it until her divorce was finalized.


NAGL. I feel terrible for their son. I hope he is doing okay.