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Model Cameron Russell publishes sexual harassment experiences in the fashion industry

SEVERE TRIGGER WARNING: the accounts that have been published by Russell (on the request of each author's anonymity) are graphic and upsetting.

Model Cameron Russell (who you might remember from the incredibly popular 2013 Ted Talk, "Looks Aren't Everything. Believe me, I'm a Model") is using a hashtag on her personal Instagram (#MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse) that has picked up significant attention in the last few days detailing sexual harassment in the fashion industry, with over 50 submissions so far. Articles have been written in TheCut, Bustle, the Telegraph and the Independent but the buzz behind the story is significantly quieter than the current focus on Harvey Weinstein.

I am hoping to signal boost the issue by posting it here. Even though I hate to add to the flood of upsetting posts. I'm also hoping it qualifies as a post in terms of celeb-status!

Tags: fashion, models, photo shoot, scandal, sexism

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