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ONTD'er Beware, You're In For a Scare: 10 of the Best Goosebumps Episodes

Based on the best-selling books by R.L. Stine, "Goosebumps" was adapted into a television show for FoX Kids in the United States on October 27, 1995. The show ran for 4 seasons (74 episodes) and aired its last episode on November 16th, 1998. Since Sony's movie sequel "Goosebumps: HorrorLand" begins filming this month and Halloween is around the corner, this OP decided to come out of Originals retirement for this childhood classic in the month of October. Selecting ten episodes for this was rather difficult so I had to go with a combination of the classics as well as personal favorites. Grab your favorite "Goosebumps" book adaptation to throw at me and let's get into it shall we? In no particular order...

Night of the Living Dummy II
Villain: Slappy | Season 1 Episode 10 | Original Air Date: January 12, 1996
Amy Kramer's ventriloquist dummy. Dennis, keeps losing his head, literally. Her father surprises her with a new ventriloquist dummy named Slappy who she accidentally brings to life. Soon afterwards he begins framing Amy for things she didn't do but her family and friends do not believe her when she says it's her new dummy doing these things. It's up to Amy to stop Slappy and save her family before it's too late.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
Slappy. Oh snap!

Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns
Villain: The Pumpkinheads | Season 2 Episode 10 | Original Air Date: October 26, 1996
When Drew Brockman, Walker, Shane, and Shana trick-or-treat with their rivals, Tabby and Lee, they come upon two pumpkin-headed creatures who force them to trick-or-treat...forever.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
That was cute. Trick 'er Treat.

One Day at Horrorland
Villain: The Horrorland Horrors | Season 3 Episodes 8 & 9
Original Air Dates: October 25, 1997 & November 1, 1997

Part 1: The Morris family get trapped in a theme park called "Horrorland" run by monsters called Horrors.
Part 2: The Morris family compete on a game show run by the Horrors of Horrorland.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
Trapped in a coffin while going downstream?

What kind of claustrophobic ride from hell?

The Haunted Mask
Villain: Haunted Mask | Season 1 Episode 1 | Original Air Date: October 27, 1995
Carly-Beth Caldwell steals a Halloween mask from a new store, against the storekeeper's warnings. However the mask begins to change her personality and meld with her body when she wears it. Upon realizing this, Carly-Beth tracks down the mask store salesman for a way to break the spell and remove the Haunted Mask.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
Masks being stuck on your face is some scurry shit.
I can't breaf.

Piano Lessons Can Be a Murder
Villain: Mr. Toggle | Season 1 Episode 8 | Original Air Date: December 8, 1995
Jerry Hawkins moves to a new house and discovers a piano in the attic and starts taking piano lessons to impress a neighbor. But something is very odd about his teacher, Dr. Shreek, who keeps mentioning to Jerry how he has perfect hands.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
That old man chasing him shouting "beautiful hands."

Piano lessons cancelled.

Welcome To Camp Nightmare
Villain: The Counselors | Season 1 Episodes 5 & 6
Original Air Dates: November 17, 1995 & November 24, 1995

Part 1: Billy's summer camp turns scary when Camp Nightmoon becomes Camp Nightmare! Why are all the counselors so weird? What's hidden in the forbidden bunk? What lurks around the camp late at night? The counselors aren't answering any of Billy's questions. The campers are disappearing one by one, and the counselors don't even care. Billy wants to know the secrets about Camp Nightmoon, but can he find the answers before he disappears?
Part 2: Billy finds out the secret about Camp Nightmoon when the counselors announce a manhunt on a female camper who escaped from the girl's side of the camp. where the same scary things are happening.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
Camping cancelled.

Shocker on Shock Street
Villain: Mr. Wright | Season 3 Episode 1 | Original Air Date: December 8, 1995
Erin Wright and her friend Marty are trapped in an amusement park based on a horror movie series.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
That plot twist.

Bride of the Living Dummy
Villain: Slappy and Mary-Ellen | Season 3 Episode 16 | Original Air Date: February 14, 1998
Slappy is brought back to life and now plans to marry a little girl's doll who proves to be just as evil as Slappy.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
Bride of Chucky hew?

The Girl Who Cried Monster
Villain: John Bell | Season 1 Episode 4 | Original Air Date: November 10, 1995
Lucy Dark discovers the monstrous dark side of the town librarian during closing time, but no one else believes her. And what's scarier is that this librarian's been invited to dinner!

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:
Evil librarian eating bugs.

Say Cheese and Die

Villain: The Evil Camera and Spidey | Season 1 Episode 15 | Original Air Date: February 9, 1996
Three friends, Greg Banks, Doug "Bird", Michael and Shari Walker, find a camera that predicts and causes misfortune on the subject in its photographs.

Pre-Teen Me Shook Rating:

too many episodes that didn't make the cut i'm mad at myself tbh. part dos?

ONTD, what's your favorite "Goosebumps" episode/book?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
Tags: books / authors, nostalgia, ontd original, television

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