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PRETTYMUCH Roundup (interviews, performances, covers)

Ariana Grande - Into You cover

  • Talk about how they got together as a group: each individually scouted, officially moved in together March 2016, have matching tattoos to commemorate the day

  • Boyz II Men is their inspiration, first artists they all agreed they can listen to

  • Thinks their New Jack Swing/throwback sound will appeal to all ages: younger audience might be hearing it for the first time, older audience will feel nostalgic

  • First single Would You Mind is produced by Ilya Salmanzadeh, written by Ilya and Savan Kotecha. Savan "has his hand in everything so we're honored he stopped everything to work with us; an upcoming boyband..."

  • Song is about being a gentleman and asking a girl who isn't looking for a relationship to "come through" dance with them.

  • "we're basically just showing chivalry (chiverie/shivvery/silvery?) isn't dead"

  • No date for a full album, focused on releasing singles right now

Childish Gambino - Redbone cover
Peep Brandons note @ 1:36

  • Decided to cover Redbone because it's a song they all got positive vibes from

  • Idea came to them while jamming in the kitchen, wanted their cover to be Boyz II Men-esque

  • Members told Brandon to "just do it" in regards to his high note

  • Always encourage each other to be better and get out of their comfort zones

  • What they miss the most while on the road; family - Nick, friends - Brandon, Dominican food - Edwin

  • Messiest member: all of 'em

  • Zion (and Nick?) sleep in late

  • Most punctual & Most Stylish is Edwin

  • Who's the biggest ladies Man? "we're nice kids, we're gentlemen"

  • Zion has the most original, unique pick up line ever

  • Dream collabs: Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Kahlid

  • Plays "Do You PRETTYMUCH know the song". Each member takes turns picking a song from the basket, they have to sing either the verse or hook to stay in the game

  • Host tries to stump them with songs she thinks are before their time

  • Eventually it stops being individual answers and the whole group starts singing each song

  • Nick gets eliminated because no one knows Genie In A Bottle

  • Edwin fails because he doesn't know Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. Nick comes back from elimination to school him on it.

  • Brandon doesn't know Hot in Herre but Edwin, Zion and Austin do.

  • Austin and Zion win the game


Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love acapella cover

Other stuff:

  • The band is currently on a radio promo tour and traveled across the country performing for different stations; videos of the performances can be found all over youtube.

  • Upcoming tour with Jack & Jack starting in November.

  • Members have hinted a new song will drop this month; no word on if it will be French Montana collab or Open Arms (an original song they performed only once).

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