In WTF News: Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 Is Up To Some Nonsense

-Former Blink-182 member, Tom DeLonge, has a new "public benefit corporation" called "To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science" which apparently combines the fields of aerospace engineering, science, and cinematic entertainment. (lol wha?)
-Is possibly trying to be the new Elon Musk but unfortunately he's just Tom DeLonge of Blink-182.
-Something about "engineering the fabric of space-time" and being a "paradigm shifting global movement" but seems like it's all a cover to research more about aliens, which DeLonge is fucking obsessed with.
-Sorry mods, I can't summarize this. He's saying real words but I don't know WTF he's on about.

-DeLonge has taken to Isntagram, Facebook, and Twitter to ask people to invest in his company.

tomdelonge To The Stars Academy plans to be launching an Unscripted (reality) Television Series. On it, we aim to bring you in on our weekly progress building an Aerospace and Entertainment Co. We will invite you behind the scenes as we bring out (for the first time in history) US Gov Declassified Videos of UFOs, and Documents that have never-before been seen by the world. Videos captured on the most advanced Military technology in the world. Physical evidence that everyone has been waiting for. Exciting things ahead. Networks can contact APA Agency for all inquiries.

What is happening?
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