Fergie on The Black Eyed Peas: "I never left the band and we've never broken up."

• Shot the artwork for "Double Dutchess" and the first music video for "Just Like You" from the visual album in Paris.

Asked if she would join The Black Eyed Peas again: "Hopefully. Uh...I love the peas. Those are my brothers, they're family and I would love to be in ten places at once it's just that...as you can see with this album it took every hour of every day. But no, I never left the band and we've never broken up. We support each other and one day it'll be so much fun to get back with the guys because I love them so much."

On why it took 2 years for the album roll out for Double Dutchess and if she was scared of this comeback: "I don't live in fear. It's not where I make decisions from. I know a lot of people love that urgency and the...you know...fear and doubt and it makes them excited. I'm happy that I was able to put something out that I'm proud of and that's done."

ONTD, what's your favorite song by The Black Eyed Peas feat. Fergie?

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