Niall Horan Thinks Tinder is "Filthy"

Tinder: Would he ever try Tinder? He shakes his head incredulously. “No, not a chance. It’s filthy in there.”

On Taylor Swifts New Single LWYMMD: “Like, it’s so catchy, you find yourself going ‘oooh’. It’s really cool.”

Last Book He Read: “The Tony Adams autobiography [Sober]. He had a good story so I got into it.”

On Simon Cowell: “Ah, he’s a lovely guy. He’s rather posh, and likes his certain things in certain ways. He’s like no other person. A great guy.”

On Life after Death: “The thoughts of dying scare me. I don’t want to die and I don’t like to think of it,” he admits. “I don’t want to get into that kind of stuff.”

ONTD, do you use Tinder/Grindr etc?

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