Italian producer named in Weinstein scandal gives interview, his lawyer mocks Asia Argento

- Fabrizio Lombardi is the producer Asia Argento named as the man who allegedly tricked her into going into Harvey Weinstein's hotel room claiming there was a party, then, according to her, left her alone with the producer where she was allegedly raped

- Model Zöe Brock also accused Lombardi of "hunting" for Weinstein

- In an interview at his lawyer's office, Lombardi denies Brock's claims and says he never brought Argento to Weinstein's room, but also said bringing a woman to an abuser's room isn't enabling sexual abuse. "So you can’t complain with the driver or with the doorman of the hotel who sends the woman up, you see what I mean?"

- Lombardi's lawyer mocks Asia Argento calling her the "virgin of 2017"

- Lombardi says he sent the lewd Whatsapp messages to Asia Argento (including one meme where Silvio Berlusconi asks for an escort to be sent to his villa) by mistake and it was just a coincidence that the first time in years he contacted her was just when she came forward about her experience with Weinstein and himself


the whole interview is a trip. this is the guy Matt Damon and Russell Crowe vouched for