Producer Isa Hackett accuses Amazon exec Roy Price of sexual harassment

Isa Hackett, a producer on The Man In The High Castle (and daughter of the author of the books on which the production is based), accused Amazon exec Roy Price of sexual harassment today.

She alleges Price told her "You will love my dick" when they were in a cab together after a comic-con event and headed for a work related party. Once at the party he leaned into her and said "Anal sex!" loudly in her ear. She made it clear she wasn't interested.

Price comes from a Hollywood connected family and is the son of Frank Price who once ran Columbia and Universal Studios. He produced the Oscar winning film Manchester By The Sea last year for which Casey Affleck took home Denzel Washington's Best Actor award. He has since been suspended from his job.

Amazon issued a statement saying "We take seriously any questions about the conduct of our employees...We expect people to set high standards for themselves; we encourage people to raise any concerns and we make it a priority to investigate and address them. Accordingly, we looked closely at this specific concern and addressed it directly with those involved."

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