Bella Hadid Is Finally Over The Weeknd & Possibly With Drake

Bella's mom recently gave an interview revealing that Bella Hadid may finally be over her first love and ex The Weeknd, who started dating Gomez soon after their split.
When asked if Bella now cares about him dating Selena her mom said: "Not anymore, I think". Her mom also said her and Drake are friends but rumor is Bella and Drake are dating?? (Drake apparently threw her a 21st bday party and they had dinner before)

They had dinner in June, he was seen leaving The Nice Guy meanwhile she exited before him and went into one of his vehicles.

One source also previously said, "Bella is majorly crushing on Drake despite warnings from her sister and other friends that he is a player. Bella and Drake have hung out a few times and their chemistry is amazing whenever they are together.”

Bella also previously spoke out about the relationship with Abel and how tough it was for her to deal with their breakup saying: "As an outsider, you might think I handled it so well, but it's always in your heart, and you always feel it very heavily."

She said it was her first breakup and it was tough for it to be so public.


How do you deal with heartbreak/breakups, ONTD?