Horror production company Dread Central mocks Weinstein victims with "joke" post

In a now-deleted post, new horror production company (most recently best-known as a film review site) Dread Central's response to the news of Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting hundreds of women in Hollywood was to... make a punch-down joke about it. Under the pseudonym "Gale Weathers" (perhaps to cleverly tie things back to outspoken survivor Rose McGowan, who starred in Scream, or, more likely, to cowardly avoid any accountability for whomever truly wrote the "article"), Dread Central wrote:

Today, Dread Central launched its horror film distribution deal with Epic Pictures, called Dread Central Presents, in which the site moves from list-icle genre reviews to actually finance, produce and distribute feature horror films under the new label. One wonders if the immediate deletion of its Weinstein post has anything to do with that.

Coming on the heels of a Los Angeles based women's genre festival tweet on the situation, which some have interpreted as shading Weinstein's other victims for waiting too long to speak out - as well as constant continued support for Devin Faraci and Victor Salva among several noted genre journalists throughout Los Angeles - this isn't a great look for the local film/horror community.

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ONTD, have you ever used news of a massive sexual assault scandal as an opportunity to shit on women?