Rose McGowan confirms Harvey Weinstein raped her

In 2016 McGowan revealed in an interview she had been raped by a movie executive without naming who it was.

Since the New York Times allegations against Weinstein came out last Thursday McGowan has been actively supporting the victims on twitter, and implying she was one herself. She has also called on the entire board of the Weinstein Company to resign.

She has not explicitly named Weinstein before which she hinted was due to a settlement that likely included a NDA (non disclosure agreement).

Today she tweeted at Amazon head Jeff Bezos that she had told the head of studio that "HW" had raped her.

She confirmed to THR that HW did infact refer to Harvey Weinstein.


I know a lot of people may think of this as old news but it's the first time she's said it in public, putting herself at risk.