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Harvey Weinstein Roundup: The Company Knew About Payoffs + More Victims and Reactions

  • Despite claiming on Tuesday that they had no idea about Harvey Winstein's settlements over sexual harassment allegations, The Weinstein Company board had been informed about "three or four" of them in 2015 by lawyer David Boies who representend Harvey that year when the producer's contract was up for renewal (according to Boies himself).

  • Lance Maerov, the board member who was in charge of Weinstein’s contract negotiations at the time, also claims to have thought they were all settlements from consesual relationships (surejan.gif) and granted Harvey his contract renewal.

  • In the early 2000's harvey called Heather Graham into his office and let her choose which script she liked best out of a pile of them, saying he wanted her in one of his movies. Harvey then stated that he had a deal with his wife: he could sleep with whoever he wanted when he was out of town. Heather left the meeting feeling uneasy.

  • She then asked for a follow up meeting, asking an actress friend to come with her this time.

  • When she was on her way the friend couldn't come anymore so she tried to cancel the meeting. Harvey then lied saying that her actress friend was already at his hotel and that they would both be disappointed if Graham didn't showed up. She apologetically reiterated that she couldn't get to the meeting. Heather was never in any of his movies.

  • Sarah Ann Masse is an actress, comedian, and writer that in 2008 worked as a nanny to help support herself in New York. Her agency send her a job opportunity to babysit Harvey's three children (from his first marriage).

  • She was pre-interviewed by female assistants and after a month was told that Harvey Weinstein wanted to meet her in his Connecticut house. When she got there he opened the door in his boxers and undershirt. Sarah thought that maybe he had forgotten the interview was that day.

  • During the standard interview, two of his children showed up at the living room and Weinstein yelled at them and told them to not show up again until Sarah was gone. She found that really weird because usually the parents wanted her to meet the children to see how she would handle them.

  • He then asked her about she being actor and if she would flirt with his friends to get ahead. She said that absolutely not and she would never be comfortable with that. When the interview ended he grabbed her for a way-too-long hug while still in his boxers and told her that she loved her. Some days later she received a call saying that Harvey wouldn't hire her because she was an actor.

  • Before Harvey's actions became public, Sarah Ann Masse also talked about being sexually abused by an actor and being afraid to speak out and reveal his name because people never believe women.

  • Claire Forlani was approached by Ronan Farrow for the Harvey Weinstein article, but thanks to the advice of male colleagues she didn't tell her story.

  • She escaped Harvey 5 times. He had the same behavior of offering massages, talking about actresses he had slept with, and other things that other victims already talked about. In one dinner he even said that his pilot was in stand-by because he could never get her to sleep with him.

  • Claire thought she was a pro at handling men like Harvey cus she has come across them since she was 14 and mentions Thandie Newton's speaking out about a disgusting director and feeling in awe of Thandie's bravery and thinking that she would probably be punished for that so she's moved about all these women coming foward and hopes the ugly people from the industry to get off the stage.

  • Charlize didn't have a simiolar experience with Harvey, but she isn't at all surprised, especially since these kind of cases are so common in all fields.

  • Admires the women who are coming foward and thinks it's important for everyone to speak up so these women know they have people who believe and support them.

    • “The predator wants your silence. It feeds their power, entitlement AND they want it to feed your shame. Our bodies are not the ‘spoils of war’… a trophy to be collected to fuel your ego,” she went on. “It’s OURS!!! It doesn’t belong to you!! And when you take it without permission, it DESTROYS…… like a virus!!! To the predators.. Weinstein, the stranger, the relative, the boyfriend…. I say to you, ‘You can choose your sin but you don’t get to choose the consequences.’ To the victims…. I see you. I believe you… and I’m listening,”

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