Margot Robbie Explores ASMR with Vegemite, Champagne, and High Heels | W Magazine

In this ASMR interview, Australian actress Margot Robbie takes you through the sounds of her personal and professional life. Listen to her childhood as she smears vegemite on toast. Take in the 'click' of a seat belt and the 'whoosh' of hairspray from her first major role on 'Pan Am'. Bask in the 'clacks' of high heels from her breakout role as Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Embrace the sweet sound of a cork popping out of a bottle of champagne to remind you of her scene in 'The Big Short'.

Margot Robbie On Tonya Harding and Her Favorite Halloween Costumes | Screen Tests |Collapse )

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