NBC tried to stop Ronan Farrow from reporting on Harvey Weinstein

  • Despite acquiring the audio recording earlier this year of Harvey Weinstein admitting to groping Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, and having done ample research, NBC told Ronan Farrow that he did not have enough reporting to move forward with the story.

  • He had interviewed a victim, who accuses Weinstein of sexually assaulting her, on camera but she rescinded permission to use the footage after legal threats from Weinstein. He later secured an interview with another victim, but NBC told him not to use their resources.

  • NBC employees say that over many months, the network tried to slow down the story before giving him permission to take his story to The New Yorker. The president of NBC News denies this.

  • Last Saturday, Lorne Michaels said SNL didn't feature any skits about Weinstein because it was "a New York thing," and that national audiences wouldn't recognize the story.

  • Reminder: NBC also owned and sat on the audio recording of Trump saying that he could grab women "by the p---y" before it was published by the Washington Post.

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