Makeup artist Annamarie Tendler alleges Ben Affeck groped her at the Golden Globes

Tendler is a makeup artist and the wife of comedian John Mulaney.

The news comes after actress Hilarie Burton tweeted that she "never forgot" that Affleck had grabbed her breast on television in 2001 (get it right outlets) when she was just 18.

After the news gained traction and a video resurfaced thanks to ontd user and sleuth clittypatra, Affleck tweeted out a brief apology this afternoon.

Affleck also recently released a statement condemning producer and frequent collaborator Harvey Weinstein for manipulating and sexually harassing women for decades while expressing ignorance of his actions. Actress Rose McGowan later called him a liar, implying that she had told him about her assault decades earlier.

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Very brave of her to speak out. There are more women out there, I'm sure.