ONTD original: Buried footage of Ben Affleck Groping Hilarie Burton in 2001 resurfaces

Last night Hilarie Burton took to twitter to say she had never forgotten that Ben Affleck had groped her during Total Request Live.

After googling I thought the incident occured in 2003 since those are the only pics of Ben Affleck on TRL that appear on the internet.

tube_fiend pointed out that it happened even earlier, on the May 24, 2001 episode of the show and even found an old listing that backed her up. Burton would have been 18, Affleck 28 at the time.

Never doubt the power of ONTD investigators because even though the video appeared to be scrubbed from the internet clittypatra not only managed to track it down, but uploaded it to youtube. This comes in the wake of comments Ben Affleck made condemning his long time boss Harvey Weinstein for using his "power to sexually harass, intimidate and manipulate many women".

The video shows Affleck getting up out of his chair, wrapping his arm around Burton to give her a "hug", and squeezing her breast. In the clip Burton recalls that she would rather have gotten a high-five.

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You guys are better researchers than actual entertainment journalists. All the outlets that have picked this up so far still think it happened in 2003.